Sunday, February 9, 2020

Current Issues and Critical Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Current Issues and Critical Assessment - Essay Example So, therefore having said all the above we see from the given article that diabetics has increased to a dramatic level in even a developed nation such as Canada. These are also illustrative of the fact that unhealthy habits such as the junk food syndrome and absence of exercising habits among many Canadians was a chief cause too. Ontario one the largest province in Canada witnessed these rise in figures which I even more stark ling but should not come as a surprise because the article itself has terms which clearly identify the fact that why Ontario saw these figures to shoot up. e.g. â€Å"sedentary† and â€Å"supersized food portion† that is to say desk bound culture and as said earlier junk food culture are the enemies of such a society. The article features some very important points as to the fact that issue relating to marketing to ethnic segments are as critical as might be targeting the market as a whole. Being a Student of human geography it is of critical importance to value diversity of human existence where it exist, so be it for marketing or whatever reasons. For instance it clearly points out that even in issues of marketing other ethnic groups which by definition constitute any group which might form a majority in their own region but form a minority where they currently reside, should be taken into consideration. This same could be applied in political, financial and many other contexts. Enough has been said about as to what can be learned about and applied to the practical environment from our course work. So basically what can be taken out these two separate articles is that any topic related to human their practices their well being, their habitats their differences are of utmost importance and each aspect of it no matter how small or how big is to be taken in to account. If we use a bit of rational in our thinking then it can be easily to comprehend that when human began to

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